On GPS Sunday: Private equity insider Steven Rattner, bankrupt cities and tricking the brain – Global Public Square


. And Also an enjoyable take a peek at the particular tricks our brain plays on us, with scientist V.S. but throughout reality, that they might also use a crucial silver lining

Also about the show, the actual ousted president with the Maldives in his countrys unrest. presidential contender Mitt Romney? Fareed speaks to become able to private equity insider and also former Obama car czar Steven Rattner.

Then, historian Niall Ferguson runs via the particular likely chain regarding events that might take place if Greece exited the actual euro. How would it take place as well as what can the actual ramifications be?

In What within the world theres been bet 365 the spate regarding bankruptcies of American cities. Theyre gut-wrenching. Coming up about Fareed Zakaria GPS upon Sunday in 10 a.m.and 1 p.m. ET: the facts with regards to private equity; what a Grexit would appear like; as well as the unlikely case FOR municipal bankruptcies.

First, what truly continues at a private equity firm, and precisely what does in which say with regards 365bet to U.S

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